I Hurt You

You said hi and I said hey. You had questions, while I gave you answers. You talked, I listened; we conversed. But once, only once I forgot to reply and I’m at wrong.
No, I’m not allowed to forget. Yes, I hurt you.


You wanted a second opinion on some things and I gave you mine. You asked me how I was doing just to hear me saying I was alright. You laughed, I smiled; we shared our thoughts. But again, it’s you who fell, I didn’t, and I’m suddenly at wrong.
No, I’m not allowed to stand strong, while you fall. Yes, I hurt you.


You tried again, again and again, wanting me to give in; I refused to lie. I gave you the truth, and you called me heartless. I suggested you a way, yet you didn’t want to set foot on that path. You said good bye, then sent insults at me the very other day. I stood silent, and I became the wrong one.
No, I’m not allowed to keep calm as you get all worked up. Yes, I hurt you.

You said you loved certain things about me and I almost believed you. But the next moment, you mocked those exact things making me at a loss as to where I stand. You swayed, going back and forth, while I stood still, being unable to comprehend the things happening around. You left me with only a few choices and I chose to live my life, yet I’m the one who is wrong.
No, I’m not allowed to choose. Yes, I hurt you.


You said you loved me and I didn’t say it back. You wanted so badly for me to reciprocate, yet I didn’t. You started pestering me and blaming me of not having any feeling. You assumed things so fast, never accepting my side of the story. I asked you not to hurt me and you said I’ve wronged you in so many ways.
No, I’m not allowed to feel hurt while you do. Yes, I hurt you.



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