I Am Fine

“I am fine!” you say.


But I’ve tasted these words, sung in exactly the same tone, a bit too well. This term with this tone isn’t really a fine combination to depict fineness.


I know you are tired…


No, not for the lack of rest, or body fatigue, or something that people usually complain about.


It is something more profound, something that has succeeded in peeling layers of you and conquering every iota of what makes you, you.


It is something that has seeped into the pores of your heart and your eyes, making them accumulate dust and cobwebs.


It is something so intricately woven that no matter how many times you would’ve tried to unravel the knitting, you couldn’t. You just couldn’t.


I know you are tired…


Tired of nothing in particular and everything in general.


Tired of the noises that pierce your ears when you sit in silence. Tired of longing for a thing that you don’t know the name of. Tired of giving your hundred percent when what you get in return is this percent, alas! with a zero less. Tired of dying a hundred times in hope of living a better tomorrow. Tired of explaining yourself, and not being understood. Tired of people like me asking the much loathed question, “How are you?”, and tired of answering, “I am fine!”


But I know you aren’t fine.


I know you are tired…


Tired of life, and tired of waiting for life to get tired of tiring you.


I know you are tired…


I know this because I’ve been singing these three words- I am fine- in exactly the same tone as yours for I don’t know how many years now!



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