Happy Vs Safe

My parents have always stressed upon three things- eat well and at good places (don’t cheap out in this regard); stay healthy and take precaution or medicines, as may be necessary and always look at your safety- while crossing roads, traveling alone or drinking water outside of home.


I always lived by my own principle- be happy, for there is no other way to be. When my sister was on a great adventure in South Africa recently, that included river rafting, animal safari, bungee jumping and trekking steep hills, my mother told me, “I hope she is safe.” I replied, “I think she is happy, ma!”


My mother continued, “But you can be happy only when you are safe, no?” I asked her a question and am still waiting for an answer, “If I were to live dangerously but it made me happy or I could live safely but that left me unhappy, would you rather I be happy or safe?”


Perhaps she would have picked ‘safe’. Mother’s instinct!

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