Food Chain

I woke up listening to the chirping of birds bathing in the gleam of sun. The chilled breeze caressed my face as I strolled around the backyard. My bare feet barely bothered about the damp mud beneath as I engaged in a game with butterflies feasting on the exquisite blooms. However, all my tries were in vain; God could have given me wings.


It was then that I saw my mom signalling me, standing near the kitchen.
This time, wings fluttered in my growling stomach, making me wish to leap like a tiger, but it seemed like a mile to travel, with those tiny steps that I made. You would not believe if I told you that somebody else soared way before I wished for the same.I didn’t know it until I felt a twinge on my neck as his claws gripped me tight.Luck was at a brighter side; for him. The strident sound of the mixer grinder was outshining my faint meows. 
As his fangs pierced through my tender skin, ripping it, I saw a trail of blood and it was all that I saw before darkness gobbled up my vision.
I’m exhausted. It has been two days since I ate anything and last time it was a puny kitten. My tummy walls are spinning and bulging up and down; I feel like throwing up. The trash seems empty and I sniff nothing to feed my need to eat. I wish I’d find any kind-hearted human, unlike the ones who always throw stones at me.


And then I met him; the man with a cowboy hat. He fed me biscuits and led me through some road which was unfamiliar, but the strangeness wasn’t a big deal compared to the call of hunger. It was the most appetizing food that I’ve ever had and in spite of that, each of its crumbs took me on a roller coaster ride which finally ended up inside a wagon with many other dogs like me; drooling and snarling.

Do you know how many hours passed since then? Even I’m out of count. But now, I’m lying on a vast platform waiting for my turn; waiting for them to slaughter me.


The festival begins.
Footsteps and mumbles.


Baba was fast asleep and so were the others. I turned around on the bed, eavesdropping to the voices which keyed up slowly and all at once. As I dragged myself along the floor with fear gripping me, a giant roar of men clenched my ears.




They were brutally lynching him, ignoring the pleas of Ma and Didi. I closed my eyes shut, draping my fingers tightly. He was whimpering with debilitating pain as I pulled myself away from their sight. The last picture that I saw was his gashed body amidst the shards of animal meat and that was the first ever time I witnessed the present beckoning a nearing era of cannibals.



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