Fall in Love

There is so much sadness in the world that your heart cannot bear it. The dulled faces, the depressed lives, the melancholy that sifts through the air. And you are part of it, but you needn’t be. You can change, not everything, but something. You only need to listen to me.


Fall in love with a flawed person. Fall in love with someone who doesn’t boast of perfection. Someone who has made mistakes, knowingly and unknowingly. Fall in love with someone who hasn’t always been right. Fall in love with someone who is unsure, someone who doesn’t know which way they have to go. Fall in love with someone who has failed. Fall in love with someone incomplete. Fall in love with a person, not the idea of a person.


Fall in love with someone who hasn’t got their shit together. Someone who has no idea what they are doing in life, what they should be doing. For it isn’t always necessary to have everything sorted out. Fall in love with someone who doesn’t burn with a consuming passion. Maybe their days are a little mundane, maybe not every thought that goes through their head is a brilliant epiphany. Maybe they find the pleasures of life in little things, maybe they do not wish to fill their days with the pretense of being special. Fall in love with someone who is true to their self, are aware of their imperfections, for to err is human.


Fall in love with someone afraid, not of being hurt in love, but of never being loved. Love this person who has shrunk from love for they were never offered any. Fall in love with them for they have suffered the monotonous pain of indifference. Show them what love feels like. There is so much darkness in the world, be their glimmering flame of hope. Hope that the beauty of intimacy, of love is not something beyond their grasp.

Give, give out your love. All your life you have been asking. You have been shunned, rejected, trampled over, hurt and you have risen out of the ashes, like the phoenix, with an even more radiant plumage. It is not your place to ask if this love is something they deserve, it is your place to give. Do not question, hand out pieces of yourself and see the difference it makes. Maybe they find their passion, maybe they mend their flaws, and maybe they get their life together. And even if they don’t, be there for them, for you can. For you know what it is to be alone and if you could brighten up even one life, you have to do it.


Someday you might not be enough for them. They might have received all that you had to give. Move on. Smile at the memories. Of what love had been. Find someone else. Show them what it is like to love. Tell them of your broken heart. Wait with baited breath, as they decide whether to mend it or to move on. Fall in love as you wait. Be miserable. Cry your heart out. Scream in pain at the injustice. But don’t stop loving. Love another. Love yourself. Love the idea of love. Love and live. Live as you move on. You’ve touched their lives and they remember you still. You will live on forever for the love you gave. For it resides in their happiness.



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