How Long Will You Remain Silent?

You could hear his filthy thoughts even from a distance as he stared at you with lust in his eyes. You felt his bad intentions disturb you as you imagined him undressing you in his mind. You grew scared & braced yourself for the worst as he inched closer to you in the crowded train. You looked like the scared chicken that sees its fate nearing yet doesn’t even cackle. He read the worry etched across your face as he leered at you with a vile smile.


The next thing you know, his hand groped your derriere & pinched it. And, you just stood there still. The world around you & inside your head came to a standstill as you forgot to breathe. You prayed desperately for it to end, but his hands found their way to your breasts & groped them hard.

You stood there paralysed as if it were the first time this had ever happened to someone. You could’ve shouted & screamed or slapped him hard across his cheek or kicked him on his groin & given him the pain he so rightfully deserved. But, no. You just stood there still.




You get so furious when you read about the rape incidents daily in the newspapers. You fume with anger & storm out into the streets fighting for justice to the victims. But, how can you bring them justice when you can’t fight for yourself? How can you expect those rapists to be punished when you let your own molester go scotfree?

And, what are you keeping quiet for? Your silence sounds like you’re giving in & giving up. Your silence echoes like an apology. And, what are you apologising for, love? For being born as a girl?


How long will it take for your blood to start flowing through your nerves freely again & start boiling? How long will you remain silent, stretching your tolerance levels & let these lowlives get away with touching & groping your body as & when they wish & want? How long will it take before you realise that even a prostitute cannot be touched without her permission & without being paid for it? How long will it take for you to realise that this doesn’t end here; that if you let him get away with this, he will find another girl tomorrow & yet another the day after or, perhaps, the same day itself?


Are you going to let yourself be scarred & scared for the rest of your life or would you rather gain control & teach that lowlife a lesson to last for his lifetime?


Don’t be an apology, girl. You are somebody’s dream. But, be a nightmare for this pervert. Be a warning. Be a danger. Be a lesson that he will never dare to forget. So, go after him. Scream your lungs out. Beat the living daylights out of him until he can feel your pain. Don’t be afraid to create a scene. Let everyone get a good look at him. Let him know that he can’t get away with this. Fight for yourself. Fight for all your sisters. Because, no one else can do it for you.


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