Defective Piece

I am a girl, aged 23.


There was a time when I used to wear size S tees and had a waist size of 28. Now is not that time. Now I am fat; not obese fat but fat fat.
No, I am not dieting if I am not eating a meal…I am simply not hungry.


I don’t grow my nails.
No, it isn’t because I am a small-town girl who doesn’t know how to look presentable, but because I am a hygiene freak.


I am a girl who doesn’t like wearing jewellery.
No, it isn’t because I am tomboyish, but because I find beauty in simplicity.


I have completed my graduation and am earning quite a decent salary.
No, I do not think that I should get married and settle down because frankly, it is my life and I don’t care what you think is right for me.


I do not dream for a prince charming.
Not because I am a realistic person, but because I am human, and I would be comfortable with someone as human as me.


I don’t like to cook.
No, it isn’t because I am a modern-day working woman who thinks cooking is beneath her, but because I have absolutely no interest in it.


I love.
No, it isn’t to get love back in return, but because love calms me.


I don’t gossip.
No, it isn’t because I think it is wrong to gossip, but because I enjoy my own company and I have least interest in others’ lives.


I don’t talk much.
No, it isn’t because I am weak or feeble, but because I am a keen observer.


I laugh out loud.
No, it isn’t because I am mannerless, but because I love laughing.


I menstruate.
No, I do not like discussing it with people…not because I think of it as taboo, but only because it is a private thing for me.


I go to religious places or ceremonies even when I am supposedly ‘impure’.
No, it isn’t to disrespect Gods, but only because I have a logical and rational mind.


I don’t go to temples frequently.
No, it isn’t because I am an atheist, but because I actually believe that God is omnipresent.


I am flat-footed, one of my legs is a tiny bit shorter than the other, one of my ears is slightly smaller than the other, I have an extremely piercingly shrill voice, and I have slightly crooked toes.


Oh, and did I tell you that people call me weird all the time? Even my mom says I am a defective piece.

All I can say is, I take pride in being one!


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