Date A Girl Who is Broken

Date a girl who is broken. She’s the reclusive girl with a faraway look in her eyes, lost in thoughts & anxieties. She will tell you that she’s all right because she can’t put all the chaos in her head & the pain in her heart into words. She has not given up the fight; she has just grown tired of fighting without a cause.


Date a girl who is broken. Don’t tell her everything will be all right. She has lived long enough to know that it won’t. Instead, help her make things all right, one by one. Don’t tell her that this too shall pass. Help her pass it. She doesn’t really need anyone’s help, but she wouldn’t mind it.


Date a girl who is broken. She may be broken, but she is still standing strong. She will teach you how to live despite broken dreams & love despite a broken heart. She will teach you to be fearless because she has been to hell and back, and nothing can scare her anymore. She will teach you to have faith in yourself because that’s all you shall ever need.


Date a girl who is broken. She is a puzzle that you will enjoy trying to solve but can never be solved. Don’t try to understand her for she is the paradox she doesn’t understand herself. She’s an open book in which she keeps penning down new chapters of her trysts with life. She is the book that will only end with her life & you will never want to put down even for a minute. She can create horror stories out of her nightmares & poetry from her pain.


Date a girl who is broken. She doesn’t need anyone to accept her or love her. She doesn’t need saving either. She has accepted the demons inside her & she gives them a new lease of life daily with the growing chaos in her mind. Don’t try to drive those demons away. They aren’t as harmful as humans. Instead, hold her hand & take a walk inside her head & you’ll find the most wondrous place ever possible fabricated by her artistry. You will find her tangled thoughts entwined like creepers, the trees of anxiety that are well rooted in her head & flowers of hope that grow in the most unlikely places like miracles. There will be a river of her kindness that flows right beside a farm with soil conducive to the growth of her insecurities, yet will be sprinkled with seeds of self-worth & love that grows against her nature. Here you shall find all that she is made of. As you wander further into the vastness of her mind, you’ll be fascinated to find that it’s just as beautiful & infinite as the universe.


Date a girl who is broken. She won’t ask for much. She knows that expectations only end up in heartbreak. You need not worrying about hurting her. You can’t break a broken heart, can you? You won’t have to worry about the promises you might break unintentionally either. She would never expect you to keep them in the first place. She knows that people come into our lives only to leave & she is always prepared for the worst. She has been down this road too many times to get lost in it.


Date a girl who is broken. She can heal the wounds the world has left on you. She will pick up the pieces of your broken heart and hers, and unite them all to create a beautiful mosaic that will put Picasso to shame & soon you will be a part of her masterpiece on her personal wall of fame.


Date a girl who is broken. And, someday, when she unbreaks herself, you will witness a miracle like nothing else. She will rise like the phoenix from the ashes of her past & shine like the sun in her complete glory, ready to take on the world as it comes. And, together, you both can change the world for the better, one broken heart at a time.


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