Cry Tonight

I know you’re tired of standing all alone. Every part of your body is yearning to see the light and all the gold buried inside you has been tarnished.


Every part of you right now is so fragile, like the petals of a rose that the calyx can’t hold, and they spread with a gentle touch of wind. And it’s alright for you to fall apart that way, because none of us are bestowed with the armour of strength. We build it gradually as we walk the lanes of time.


So when you feel like your heart is too tiny to hold the gigantic fibres of misery, break down and cry.


Cry tonight, but don’t shed tears. Shed your grief.


Tie it to your words and throw it into the pond, creating endless ripples of contentment.


Let your tears travel inside your broken heart to fill up the deep void and make you feel complete.


Don’t drench your pillow, for he’s not born to drink your tears. He draws breaths to caress your hair and give you infinite dreams. Drench the pages of your diary with ink.


Scare away your tears and guide them back to their home. Your cheeks can’t hold an umbrella, don’t pour a heavy rain. Let the words flow from your body, and no more tears.


No one will stop you from crying tonight. Cry a river of words, not of tears.


Pour all the reasons of your pain on the sheets, lying somewhere in your cupboard. Pour it like you pour wine. Pour it all at once, and million times, until you empty the bottle.
Words can intoxicate you more than wine.


Keep the tissues away, and hold your pen. Let your words drown in ink and save them when they reach the seashore of the page. Give them the light, and all that they need.


Wear your heart on the sleeve of your words and don’t let the lies cast their shadows on your smile.


Your thoughts are hungry. Don’t let them starve so that they run down from the window of your eyes, but feed them with your sorrows until they puke the words out.


Write tonight. Write about every monster who gives you nightmares; every flame that burns you down; every thief who steals your reasons to smile and every demon who eats your happiness.


Write till the tears forget your face, and write, till your words cannot forget your name.


Cry as you write tonight.



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