Being Single

Being single is hard; not because you need someone to lean on, someone to love, someone who would love you, but because how much people around you try to make you realise that you better find someone soon or you’ll end up alone.


When you’re single, there’ll be so many times that you’ll hear phrases like, “Give it a shot!”, “He really likes you, at least give him a chance!”, “You know, if you never try, you’ll never know”.


And after a while, you start to get annoyed because they don’t understand. They don’t understand that you are happy this way, that you don’t want to ‘give it a shot’ only to find some happiness that, of course, will be short lived.


And this is because often when you start getting into relationships just for the sake of being in one, you start failing at them. What results is a series of mishaps, a long string of failed relationships, and in the end, the false realisation that there is something wrong with you; that you drive people away; that you’ll never be good enough for anyone to stay.


And someday, you’ll find someone who treats you better than the people you’ve been with before, and you’ll settle for him, convinced that you’ve finally found the right one for yourself.


It’s a rather confusing procedure, isn’t it?


Stop, I say.


Stop chasing love. Stop settling for what you get based on comparisons. You deserve so much more than what you’ve settled for. You’re worth so much more.


Start loving yourself, and love yourself so much that you don’t need anybody else’s love. Stop needing someone to love you and tell you how wonderful you are. You’re amazing enough, stop needing someone to validate your existence.


Love will find you in its own sweet time. And when it finally does, you’ll know what you’ve saved yourself for, all this time.


And I promise it will be totally worth it.


Till then, just have the hope of finding the love that you truly deserve, and that will be enough to make you happy throughout all the days.

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