Before You Wish

I have heard way too many guys say that “I hope a hot girl rapes me.” And it makes me so sad that I can’t breathe for a minute after I hear that.


Rape is not about the sex. Rape is, NEVER about the sex. I get it, you desperately want to get laid. But when someone is raping you, they are not just forcefully having sex with you. They are pulling off every shred of dignity that stuck to your body, making you feel naked even if they didn’t care enough to take off all your clothes. That is why you feel dirty after you’ve been raped. You stand under the shower for hours hoping it’d was off all the grime they had left on your skin, but when you step out of the shower you feel like nothing has changed because it can never be washed off.


They didn’t rape you because they found you attractive. They raped you because they thought that you were a worthless piece of shit that they could use for their own pleasure.


I beg, talk to a victim before the next time you say that you wish a hot girl would rape you. Please. And after listening to how they felt, if you still wish the same, I hope it’d happen to you some day. No, actually I don’t. You can be as dumb as you want, but I’d never wish that kind of torture on you, because it’ll leave you bruised for the rest of your life.


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