Admonitory Note

Hey you,

We are not the refreshment drinks that you put up against your lips and then throw the cans somewhere to rot because you think it’s nothing more than filth now.

No, we are never so much of what you’ve taken us to be.


We are not the fake smiles you might have had to put on to entice some innocent into your trap. We are also not the burnt and hollow eyes that didn’t make you see even when the sunlight was at its best.


We are definitely not the things to be considered simply because your testosterone levels are shooting high at any point of time. Neither the tranquilizers that you need every night to let you sleep.

We are humans. We have emotions. We wish to be someone’s loyal heart and the butterflies in their stomach.

Our appearances might be unkempt, our skin might be broken, our paths might be entangled, we might be hurt and distressed, but that alone does not mean we haven’t got the pragmatic approach to life or its people.


Once we get to know that you do not value relationships and its sentiments, you would be taken not more than an acrimonious buffoon who is too sick to see the beauty of what being faithful and adhering to love brings.


Never take our silence for consent because we’re the buttoned up kind who won’t say much but would look at you from ocean’s distance and think that you’ve been through some immature crap. You’re so easy to read that even our thinking cells love to give up on you.


And well, you certainly might have heard of, what goes around, …



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