You And I

We were supposed to be dissolved like ink to water but some things just aren’t meant to be together.
Your eyes had perceived me as someone much bigger than I could ever afford to be. In fact, it was your eyeballs that were no less than a gleaming pair in the bag of stardust;
I really miss them.
I still wait for you in the ripples of the lake, hoping to catch a glimpse of your reflecting face down to my heart.
While I was just a forest fire that burnt down everything which came in its way, not leaving even a trace, despite knowing that I am destroying my own shelter, you were a manuscript, which was a masterpiece in itself that diluted my bruises from extremities.


But I was unconditionally in love. And I know, so were you.
That’s why I left you with absolute nothing so that you can have the audacity to rebuild everything you want from the scratch.
And I would just drift endlessly in darkness to shuffling between the forms that can never be held again. I just hope that one day I would be lucky enough to have a glance at your face, if not only for a few seconds.
My imagination of your poignant picture is slowly twirling into nothing. Maybe I have fainted again.




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