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(To the same imaginary muse as before)


You are happy. On my good days, I feel like your happiness is the only thing I want. But everyone has their bad days, don’t they? I too have mine. On my bad days, all I want to do is to wipe that smile off your face, because I cannot be the reason behind it.


Some days, I feel like I am finally drifting away from you. On those days, I don’t feel my heart crumble into pieces every time I see you look down at your phone and smile. And then, there are days when I feel like my heart is a ball made of iron filings, and you are a giant magnet attracting me with all its force, and I can do nothing to stop it. I wish I could say that sometimes I feel like we’re the opposite poles of two different magnets, but we are not. Opposite poles of magnets attract each other. I repel you.


I hope that the number of days when I feel like I am drifting further and further away from you keeps increasing until one day I find myself in a solar system whose sun isn’t you. Till then, I’ll be there on my good days and the bad, watching you smile. Because no matter what I say, even on my bad days, it matters.


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