Will You?

Will you walk with me today? Hold my hands as I lead you into the unknown, feeling our souls getting tangled with each other through our clammy hands, as if the barrier of the skin doesn’t matter anymore, will you?


I cannot promise you that it’ll be all flowers and sunshine, I cannot promise you that the cold wind blowing will feel soothing against your skin. It might be too cold, you might find yourself shivering, but if you’re brave enough to not let go of my hand, you’ll find the warmth seeping from my body into yours, the sudden rush of something beautiful flowing into your veins and arteries, your heart beating slightly faster than it’s supposed to. I cannot promise you that it’ll be all flowers and sunshine, because life never is. But you won’t leave my hand because of that, will you?


Let’s know each other today. Let’s sit in the shadows of the hills, the shadows that are almost as dark as the secrets that we hide behind our façade of smiles. Almost. You could tell me about all the things that you’ve never told anyone, that you’ve never wanted to tell anyone. I promise you it’ll feel like writing down your secrets in small pieces of paper and throwing them into the river that flows among these hills, because that is what I am—a river with no bottom, unaware of its own depth, a river flowing towards the sea, its destiny, but unsure of what path to take. You won’t hesitate to dive in and explore my depths, will you?


Will you wipe my tears if I cry? I don’t need your hands to be warm, or your touch to be soft. For all I care, your touch could be like a sandpaper that leaves my skin bleeding after it has rubbed the sadness off it. I would not mind if you do not pull out a handkerchief and wipe the blood off my face, because the sadness will be gone. I just want you to wipe my tears. Will you?


Let’s just spend the day engulfing each other, like we have been together since the beginning of time, and will be together till the end of it. We’ll let our minds make love to each other even as we sit meters apart, because distance is what brings us closer. For this day, envelop me with your warmth like it’s a blanket I cannot sleep without. Let’s spend this one day like you are mine, and I, yours. Will you?


When the sun sets behind the hills and we cannot differentiate them from our deepest fears, we will walk to the edge of the forest together. Do not leave my hand before we mix into the crowd of unknown faces beneath the same masks that we know only too well. You could put on yours, and I’ll put on mine. As we walk away from each other, you won’t turn around to drink in my face for one last time, will you?


If we ever walk into each other, you on your way home from work, talking to your fiancée on the phone, me on my way to the theatre with my husband and daughter, promise me that you’ll pass me a smile, assuring me that you haven’t forgotten that one day we spent together, our one little secret that we’re going to cherish in our hearts forever, will you?


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