Who Is It?

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After a random conversation which ironically lasted for hours, he asked me if I love someone. Precisely, he had playfully asked, “So, tell me, who is it?”


I felt my heart thump and creak; making me plan my way out of the dreadful set of queries. I couldn’t really think of an answer; I just kept on fiddling with my phone.


I wish to tell him, it is him.


It is he who wanders in my mind, even when I don’t wish to think about him. It is him; whose stare makes me feel giddy particularly when he refuses to pull away his gaze, and who compels me to envision us, leading a content life.


It is him; whose perturbed face makes my heart wrench and sob simultaneously. It is him; whose annoying habits somehow make me smile, however, whose indifference often renders me numb. It is him; whose absence drains away my happiness whereas presence makes my heart fleet joyously.


It is him; who will never know how much I’d want him to know- it is him.


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