Who Am I?

My identity?


I am Batman.


I know the ease of a pampered childhood, and the pain of losing a parent when I was least prepared for it. I know the fury that rages inside when I see something wrong happening. My actions are often misunderstood, and people hate me, just like Gotham hated Batman. I know the righteous path, and I have strict rules. And I shall not let the wrong prevail, and I shall not let the right perish.


I am Lana Del Rey.

I know that true art is dying today, having been killed by pelvis grinding divas with that revealing crotch. I see the lust and the greed in the eyes of the people, pop concerts reduced to brothels where flesh is served. I see them twerking, grinding their buttocks against penises, tongue sticking out in anticipation. And I ignore them, and explore my art the way it was meant to be – slow, sedate, seductive.


I am Nikola Tesla.


For creations of man must be shared with all humanity. Immense knowledge and wisdom resides in the mind of man, and it means nothing without the benefit of sharing with the world. For the society exists for a purpose, and that purpose makes the society greater than the sum of its parts. Edisons will exist and prosper, often at my expense, but when thesands of time have flowed completely, my imprints will remain forever etched in history.


I am a writer. But I can be everything else. I am limitless when I am the characters of my own story.

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