Where The Sky Meets Sea

Like the sky meeting the sea at the horizon, words wove us together.


Two simple hearts. One unbreakable bond. We were destined to meet.


Like the brooks meeting the river, the rivers meeting the ocean — mixing to create a new identity. A new vignette.


Like a toddler’s gap-toothed grin which sure does reach your heart.


Like the various strings of the harp playing the same tune.


I was broken. So were you. Together we knit our broken halves into one.


Two yours. Two mine.


One ours.


Today, as I walk hand in hand with you under the assuring shadow of the maple, I am bemused and ask God, “What have I ever done to deserve her?”


I look at you.


The vibrant purple of your silhouette brushes past the autumn leaves of flaming orange which flutter lazily in the air. Amazingly enough, you seem to bestow life to everything around you. Like you did to me.


The turquoise around your neck that matches the hue of your irises never fails to draw me towards you.


The way your dark hair tickles the small of your back while you walk leaves me mesmerized.



The way your smile lights up your surroundings allures me to walk into wilderness with you and never return.


Is this what they call love?


Or is it just a play of the mist? An ethereal illusion.


We don’t converse merely with words. We converse with our souls as they get tangled with our emotions.


We converse with the natural flow of our fountain pens (and our hearts), an inherent skill that we both are blessed with.


Today, as I walk hand in hand with you under the assuring shadow of the maple, I make a silent wish. “Dear God, never have I asked you for anything. Today, please, don’t you ever let me run out of words. If I do, I’ll fail to appreciate the way she has bestowed life and lust even into a dried up autumn leaf of flaming orange.”


~ Swatilekha Roy | Edited by Anwesha Tripathy


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