When Nightmare Breaks Loose

September 20th, 2006


I have found a job. I am so happy, I can’t express it in words. To be honest, the salary isn’t much, but it’ll do for now. And just the right time too, with my wife being in her seventh month of pregnancy. I am going to be a father, and now I have a permanent job too, unlike the past few months when I had to switch on and off different jobs.
I would be working as an assistant to the marketing manager, and I am looking forward to doing a great work.


September 29th, 2006


Work is going great. My manager is very supportive and so are my colleagues. In little time, I have grown close to many people. The only odd thing is that I have not yet seen my employer, the owner of “Youth Infinity”.
Maybe we’ll get a chance to meet him in the staff meeting to be held on 15th of next month.


October 8th, 2006


I am almost alone in the office; everyone else has either already left, or in the process of leaving. If not for this stupid new strategy my manager came up with earlier today for which I agreed to work overtime, I might have been home too, comfortably sleeping on the bed hugging my wife and my baby.


The office premises are so deserted at night, it gives me a sense of chill. If a mugger must to come here and kill or loot me, I couldn’t do a thing about it.


October 15th, 2006


It is a ‘her’. My employer is a ‘her’, not a ‘him’. When I saw her standing there surrounded by the 150-odd-employees, I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She is the most beautiful creature I have ever laid my eyes on. With a wheatish complexion, a skin that glowed like pearls, long wavy brown hair, and intense chocolate-colored eyes; she is the epitome of beauty. However, the expression on her face was one that of pure vice, and for a moment, I swear I saw her gaze direct at me with such intense hate that my heart almost popped out in fear.


October 29th, 2006


I don’t feel like going to the office anymore. I don’t know if it is my mind playing tricks on me, or if there is something seriously wrong with the office building. I have felt a multitude of vibes- some not so good. Last night, when I stayed back to finish some pending work, there was a power cut. I am convinced that I heard the door of my cabin open and shut. Immediately after, light came, but there was no one there except for myself. I quickly gathered my stuff and ran home after that, too tired and too apprehensive to look into the matter.


November 2nd, 2006


Something incredibly weird happened. I had to go into the boss’ cabin to deliver an important file. Firstly, the place was queer as hell, with pictures of trees…only trees- ancient banyan trees, thick mangroves, large mahoganies, old teaks, and many more. The lighting was so dim that even in broad daylight the place gave the feels of twilight. The quietude disturbed me…it wasn’t the attribute of serenity, rather the onset of a silent storm. There was a faint screeching sound that seemed to be coming from everywhere and nowhere in particular.




Another long day at the office, and once again, I am all alone. The more time I spend here, the noisier it gets inside my head. I am not sure what’s happening, though. Today, when I was talking over the phone to a prospective client, I felt as if something moved behind my back, close enough to be touched. But when I turned around, there was nothing. From the corner of my eyes, I thought I saw a shadow moving towards my left, but again, there was nothing. Still, I could feel someone’s eyes over me. I …..


November 3rd, 2006


I am scared. I couldn’t complete my previous entry because of the interruption. The temperature had dropped down, out of nowhere. The hair on the back of my neck stood up, and this time, I definitely felt a presence.


As I turned, I saw the familiar long wavy brown hair, and a coldness penetrated me, starting from my middle right to the very nerve-endings; a pretty yet evil face stared back at me.


What was I doing there that late, she had asked? I couldn’t say if there was an undercurrent of menace below that layer of sweetness, or was it just my imagination. Before I could give a satisfactory answer, she turned and left. As I saw her receding figure, something felt wrong…something that the naked eye couldn’t quite grasp.




I woke up in a cold sweat. The swirling storm within me had finally found a haven. The answer was close.




I gather courage and ask my manager about her. In turn, he just gives me a strange look…something like sympathy…or maybe it was again my eyes playing tricks.


I told him what I saw yesterday, or to be honest, what I didn’t see.


I didn’t see a shadow on the wall while she walked away from me. I didn’t see her reflection in the glass windows. My employer…she…she wasn’t human!




Everyone is whispering around me but as soon as they see me, they stop. It is driving me crazy. What do they know? I decide, for the love of my life and my sanity, to quit this job.




I go to her creepy office and march right in. She is standing, her back towards me, facing the full moon shining brightly against the dark sky. I clear my throat, but before I can speak, she turns abruptly and l see the most horrific face possible- the evilest smile plastered on the whitest sheet of skin, and eyes as red as the blood that dripped from her lips- before I can let out a curling scream, she stretches her hand and grabs my throat…and…and, I sit bolt upright in my bed, drenched in fear.


I take in a few mouthfuls of air and reach out for the glass of water. Gulping it all in one go, I keep the glass back on the table. My eyes fall on the calendar hung on the wall next to the table.


Today is September 20th. I have an interview today at ‘Youth Infinity’ for the post of a personal assistant.


A faint screeching sound plays in my mind then, which seems to be coming from everywhere and nowhere in particular.


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