Went Away

His words were like the ship that helped me sail across the sea and finally reach the shore. But then he went away, and I sank, ultimately drowning into the grotesque sea.


However, the sea waves engulfed my love.


His hands were like the shelter in the monsoon, which didn’t let the rain droplets hit me at all. But then he went away, and I, dripping wet, shivered with cold.


However, the drizzle wiped away my love.


His smile was like the serene sun ray on a misty December dawn, entering through the broken glass door inside my now abandoned abode. But then he went away, and the December frost rendered me cold ever since.


However, the flames of the sun burned and turned my love into a heap of ashes.


His eyes were like the mirror which showed me, me; and reflected us together, as a single entity. But then he went away, and I threw away the mirror, shattering it, just like he broke every ounce of my very being.


However, reflecting the real reality, the tiny bits and pieces of the broken mirror pierced my heart, digging the love out of me.


His being around me was like a shadow, which stood tall, all alone, yet stiff and sturdy. But then he went away, and threw me into the dark abyss of solitude.


However, my own shadow deceitfully turned away, vanishing in the darkness of life. The obscurity tarnished my love for him; once and for all.


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