Now that I have embraced the unpredictability of life, it kills me to spend even a second more without letting the world know that its beasts couldn’t be successful in snatching away my essence.


Dear world, I have never been anything but a vessel. I preserved whatever I was given. I contained whatever they showered on me.


They filled me with emotions of a thousand shades. And I sustained it all for them.


And one fine day when they decided to drain me of all the treasures that I was made to store, they assumed that they were emptying me.


Little did they know that emptiness is what my soul has been made up of. So how can it ever rip me apart?


I had been empty when they first set their eyes on me. I was free of all the shackles and loads. But they envied my liberty. They termed my emptiness and freedom as vacancy, and filled me with the mess they had been creating within themselves.


All that they made me store were their possessions. Never could I own any of those.


And now that they have taken away what they had given, I’m back to my freedom. I’m left with what I have always owned; my emptiness.


Although their imprints on my soul leave behind so many stories to recall, I have not been weakened down by anything.


So now while looking at a vessel like me, the world should know that my walls surround an air of power disguised as my emptiness.



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