Hey you!


You were the one who woke me up from my slumber and dragged me to your world – a selfish world. I resisted, but your strength was driven by your desires and the claim of superiority over me. The breach of privacy meant just a few moments of fun for you but an insult to me.


The feeling of being dragged forcefully is painful for me. You and your mates jeered and laughed at every movement I made. You thought you had succeeded in becoming a sorcerer. No, my dear, you didn’t succeed.


You’ve ignited a fire that I never knew existed in me. And this fire will burn you down. I’ll take revenge. You played with my emotions. Now, you’ll know a new emotion- fear. You’ll be scared, but won’t even know what it is scaring you.


That feeling you have of air brushing against your neck while you sleep is me, slowly taking out life from you. When the lights flicker in your room, don’t blame them for being faulty, for it’s just me dragging you into darkness and oblivion. Close your eyes and observe. Did you feel someone is staring at you? I am just behind you, a few feet away, pitying your condition. Oh! Did your pet refuse to come near to you? That’s because it sensed my presence. And this presence will haunt you for long, making sure you plead for mercy, you plead for death.

You conjured me into a coin just for fun. Did I ever disturb you? We have an unseen world of our own, which is amongst you humans. I didn’t interfere in your life. You did. And, this is intolerable. Don’t try to come and win over us, for you won’t succeed instead earn our fury.


Did you think throwing the coin away would ward me off? No, I didn’t go away. And, I won’t, until I complete my revenge.


As you talk to your psychologist about the weird incidents happening with you, I am just watching you from a distance. You’ll pay for your deeds. Mark my words, the last laugh will be mine.


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