“Would I be able to build a successful career in the field of writing?”


This question, like a burning pyre, had been consuming every bit of Amyra’s soul when her faintly amused gaze shifted towards a butterfly hovering around outside her window.


She found the exuberant beauty quite mesmerising. Clad in varying hues, it appeared to be dancing to the tunes of the blowing wind. That vibrant being with a nonpareil charm seemed fictitious to her, as if brought to life from between the pages of a poet’s diary.



Only an hour ago, she was rejected by a newspaper firm for not having appreciation worthy experience in the field of writing. Since it wasn’t the first time rejection had hit her that hard, she grew apprehensive about the talent she had.


But the ‘V’ of the butterfly’s antennae imbued her with a sense of positivity. She recalled how as a kid she used to get herself clicked with her fingers forming the same ‘V’ while walking away with trophies she won.


Those antennae, creating the victory sign, clamped shut the jaws of insecurities which, at that moment, were digging houses in every inch of her skin. Her heart inflated twice its usual size, her bones felt rejuvenated, and the vocal chords, spirited.


Brimmed with enthusiasm, she whooped with confidence that she’d never let anyone’s opinion affect her, at least when she firmly believed that the potential she possessed was as brilliant as brilliance could be and that the only person who could stop her from being victorious was she, herself.


The very next instant, swimming in her own pool of happiness, she picked up her laptop and started pouring her heart inside out through her evocative words, vowing never to give up on writing.




Today, four years later, inaugurating her own magazine firm, the reminiscences of the day she was inspired by the V-shaped antennae echo through her speech in the ceremonial hall.


“Rejections are disguised acceptances into bigger opportunities that we fail to recognise. And at times, when your heart solemnly wants to put all its mind into doing something, the universe does help, and something as minute as a pair of butterfly’s antennae can stimulate an action!” she signs off with inspirational words, posing a sparkling smile and fingers forming a ‘V’ for the camera.




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