Uncool, eh?

The much anticipated college trip had finally arrived.


“Goa and more Goa,” flaunted the pamphlet, making me and my friends go gaga over it.


Just when we were weaving our plans, an acquaintance came and warned us, saying, “Do not abide by what the accompanying teachers decide. The places they’ll take you to will bore you to death!”


Since that fellow had been to Goa with the college authorities twice, we thought it’d be good to gain some information from him.


“Tell us about the places they’ll not take us to but are worth visiting,” I asked.


To my surprise, his answer accommodated every pub, bar, and disco one could think of.


I took him to be a party freak and was waiting for the time he’d mention a few picturesque places, when my disinterest in his liquor-talk made him question, “You’ll be consuming alcohol there, won’t you?”


He must have found his answer in my hesitation and mockingly said, “Go and request a refund as soon as possible! Goa isn’t meant for uncool people like you.”


Besides surprising me galore, his statement dawned on me the fact that he considered people like him cool.


But how can people who need alcohol to cheer their lives be cool? How can people who consume alcohol knowing that it’d slow their brain and spoil their health be cool? How?


Ask me about the people who are cool, and I’d say that cool are those who drink life to the fullest; cool are those who prefer swimming through their problems rather than drowning in liquor; cool are those who get high on art, who create art, who are art- pure and sober!


And if this version of being cool sounds uncool to some, I’m cool being tagged ‘uncool’.


If nothing, this tag made me realise how beautifully cool as a person I am. I wanted to thank him, but he had darted off anew.


Well, it’s never too late…


Here’s from the uncool self, who is way too cool in person, to the one who thinks is a cool being but actually isn’t,


“Many thanks!”




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