Unconditionally Yours



You had said you will never leave me, Cecily, but you did.


You made me count on you, but you didn’t hold on to me.


You had told me we will be together, life and beyond, but now I know better.


Why, sweetheart?


Did I not love you enough? Did you not love me when you told me you did? Was that all nothing but sham?


I want my answers. Tonight, we shall reunite.






As the fire reaches the end of my stomach, I feel my memories cloud on their own, little by little.


His face, however, is something my mind has tenaciously refused to forget, even though there’s plenty of alcohol involved. The hazel coloured deep eyes haunt me even in my sleep, hovering over my bed like a ghost watching me keenly.


Why did you leave me? I often wish I could ask. But as bad as it hurts, I know you will not answer.


Thinking of you makes me feel bitter-sweet. I cannot forgive you for what you have done to my being, Eliot, but I cannot help but long for you all the same.


Why, sweetheart?


My ringing cell phone makes me jump. It is difficult to read the name with all that vodka in my stomach, so I just accept the call.


A chill runs down my spine as I hear the person on the other end speak.


“We had to take her to the hospital, ” he informs, referring to my mother.


I cut the call after knowing everything I need to. I try to clear my head and grab my car key.






As I drive towards the hospital, a sudden memory of the call makes my scalp itch. My head seems to think something is off, but I cannot point a finger at it.


The road, on the other hand, seems eerily empty. I drive like a maniac, without ever having to glance any way for other cars. There’s simply none except mine.


But all of a sudden, a figure on the bend of the road catches my eyes. I eye him, and my blood runs cold.




Having lost all my senses, it doesn’t hurt as much as it should have when my car collides with the other car that I had not seen coming.


“But you had died…,” is all I can think before my eyes close.




Eliot bends over Cecily’s lifeless body and grimaces. “It shouldn’t have been this way, I suppose. But hadn’t you told me you were mine unconditionally and I, yours?


“Even death cannot part us, love,” Eliot says, triumphant.


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