Unclouded Love

e was busy reading. Her tiny fingers explored the contours of his face. He sat subtle, with the corners of his eyes crinkling. As she drew patterns on his face, he started to tickle her. She fell on his shoulders, giggling. He planted a kiss on her dimpled cheek. They were so adorable together.


They lay on the lushly green garden. She embraced him, resting herself on his chest.


“Papa, what are you looking at?”


“The clouds.”


She started to gaze the sky, her eyes widened!


“Papa, look! I see an elephant. Wow!”


“Do you, Cherry?” he looked delighted.


“But he is white! Why are clouds white Papa?”


“Because they are happy, so they are bright and white,” he said while caressing her hair.


“Don’t they ever get sad?”


“You are just like your mom, she was as curious as you are!”


“But I haven’t seen her. Where is she Papa?”


“There she is, hiding behind that cloud.”


Her eyes sparkled. She stood up and started walking with her hands up in the air. She blew kisses and waved at the cloud.


He closed his eyes.


“Don’t they ever get sad?”


Cherry’s voice chased him to the past. He saw himself standing before her mother’s lifeless body. His eyes were locked on her. He stood numb though his heart wrenched.


The woman who took all the risk of bearing their baby, fighting to the odds of medical science lay in front of him not able overcome the unclouded judgement of destiny, and he was holding the treasure of her unclouded love. She disappeared, but for him she was everywhere; in his heart beat, in the clouds and in Cherry. The sky darkened as they buried her six feet under.


“Papa, are you sleeping? Listen, she is not showing up!” Cherry said frowning.


He smiled, he only smiled.


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