Two Sides

She was too tall for her liking, always pushed back in lines and left at the farthest corner in photographs with fate making the choice, if she would make it to the black and white corners of the photograph or not.


She hated being selected for the volleyball team just because of her height and being looked down on by her teammates for not having the natural ability to hit the ball as her height proclaimed. She was sick of always having to bend her head while entering rooms, of having to wear flats and being ridiculed.


She was tired of towering over everyone and rushed home in tears. Her mother hugged her and told her, “Someday you will realise height truly doesn’t matter.” She scoffed at the thought but lay silently in her mother’s embrace.


She silenced herself, stopped raising her hand in class to answer and did not volunteer for any event that would draw attention to her only to lead to more insults. With time, she was still tall but she made herself invisible. Until he saw her look at the notice that called for dance tryouts.


“Excuse me, the tryouts are scheduled for today evening. Do try to make it,” he said with a smile.

She gasped and shuddered at the thought. She turned to see if he was taking her for a ride but realized that she would have to look down to see him. This was the other side of her story.


Looking back it was a wonder that she was inspired to try out for the dance team, which she eventually became the leader of, only because someone who reached her waist in terms of height supported her after seeing a trace of longing in her eyes.


Love truly had no barriers. She smiled and looked down to see her hands covered in red henna and sneaked a glance at her fiance in a white kurta.


As they stood up to exchange garlands, she bent down with a smile that said, “Height truly doesn’t matter.”


With cheers from their families and friends, their puzzle was complete with a divine touch.


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