Two Sides of the Same Coin

Whenever something good happens, I immediately think of him. When something bad happens, I have to share it with him. He knows me better than I know myself at times. He knows when I am happy, when I am ecstatic, when I’m freakishly joyful and when I’m full out crazy! He knows when I am low, when I’m sad, when I’m troubled and when I’m at the point of complete breakdown. My sob fest is never complete without him hearing me out for a good half hour and saying some silly things to convince me that I am taking it far too hard.


He has probably had to listen to me rant and whine till his ears bleed, and yet he just smiles warmly at me with tender eyes that continue to adore me. He has seen me at my worst and still thinks the world of me. He has heard me repeat the same stories hundreds of times, and still lends his ear and attention like it’s the first time he’s hearing it.
He has had to bear my umpteen temper tantrums and non-stop bitching, dissing and swearing when I really lose it, but he waits it out patiently till I let my steam off before enveloping me in a warm soothing hug. He knows every shade of my emotion. He knows I am just fooling him, yet each time he falls into my trap willingly and becomes a putty in my hands at my puppy-dog expression.

Leaning on his shoulder is all it takes to feel contented. Words are just instruments; silence between is golden. He is like a mother-hen, my second mother who fusses over me about everything- my meals, my health, my exercise. He cannot avoid blushing or turning into an embarrassed mush every time I take a dig at him about his crush.
And yet all claim that a girl and a boy can never be friends. They will eventually fall in love. Eventually? I say they are already in love- this is just love without romance. It is love at its best- unconditional and pure.
Love and friendship aren’t two different spheres. They are just two aspects of our being. For in love, you will find friendship and in every friendship, you’ll find love.


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