To And Fro

My little girl Saya held my finger tight as I stood by the swing; it was gently swaying with the wind as if breathing. As she staggered towards the swing and sat on it with hesitation, I remembered those old times; my swing that dangled from a mighty tree which, by now had forgotten the chiming of my giggles and the gloomy vibes I had buried underneath it.


I used to keep pebbles on the seat and rock it gently without making it fall off to the ground. As time advanced, I decided that it was time to replace those pebbles, but, still not sure of whether I would hurt myself or not.
Later, it became my flight of happiness, for I shed away my melancholy by lashing out at the little yellow blossoms on the ground and, swinging high.


Swinging forth, I used to intently look at the point that I marked with my toes in the air, to notch up in the next swing. My unkempt hair would fly about dancing with the wind that took me off to the sky every time and swayed me back unsurprisingly–I wondered whose tricky arms had been pulling me back to ignite the self-doubt within me, every time I intended to do something in my life–and, amidst the mess of thoughts, I had convinced myself that the ride was safe under the shade of the tree; I wasn’t afraid of the blinding sun, but of the wind that carried me back. Those odds soon settled me onto a safe spot under the tree; my swing finally came to a halt.


Today, as I watched Saya overcoming her fear, I knew that I was surrendering to an unusual intuition, but, no sooner had it driven me mad than she showed me a drawing that she had made while I asked her to do the homework after coming back home.


“Why isn’t there anyone on the seat?” I asked her, looking at her drawing of a little swing halted up in the air. She left me puzzled when she told me that the girl flew away to the sky. Soon, I realized that, back then, I wasn’t shedding away my fears on every swing, but a part of me that I wanted to become. There wasn’t any better way for her to teach me that it was from the heart that we touch the sky.


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