Tiny Things

”My trip to HocusPocus Land was awesome,” said one.


“Ahh! That trip to SquiggledyWiggledy Isle! Those wonders,” said another.


But she kept quiet, smiling and acknowledging all of it, nevertheless. As the bus moved, like always, she’d been quick enough to choose the window side. The view was as usual as ever. Dusty roads, busy people, traffic lights that no one cared about. But even then, like every day, she noticed tiny things of beauty. Her eyes caught them, like always. A little girl helping an old woman cross the road, a yellow leaf falling down, nearly, and then being swept away by the wind, a baby holding her mother’s finger with her whole hand.


She smiled as the wind swept her messy hair in all directions. She felt the brand new book in her bag. A new world to get lost in, she thought happily.


As she walked to her home, she noticed a perfect, round pebble on the road, the trees dancing slowly to the beats of the wind, and birds flying away.


Giving a high-five to her father who was watering the plants, she hugged her mother who was standing beside him, as she planted a warm and reassuring kiss on her cheeks.

“Go take a bath, you,” she said, grinning at her.


As she walked into her home, a sense of familiarity, warmth and safety enveloped her.


“Did you get it?” Amma asked from outside.


“Yup,” she replied.


Opening a fresh page, she brought it to her face and inhaled deeply.


The smell of magic, she beamed. Another world to venture into, another story to live. She smiled, feeling thankful for all.


For having much more than many.


It was the tiny things that mattered.


~Devika V. | Edited by Nandini Sharma Kapur


Image source: pixabay.com


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