The Wrong Guy

Amusement dancing in her warm brown eyes, she watched as he finished the remains of the lemon tart that she had so skillfully baked. He glanced up to catch her looking at him and demanded, “What?”


She shook her head, “Do you even realize that you just gobbled up a meal for six?”


He sat back to survey the now empty tray, “I couldn’t help it. Your culinary skills are too good, it’s almost unbelievable! I think I’m going to change my decision.”


She stood up to collect the trays on the table and asked him, “Which exact decision are you talking about, now?”


He pulled her to his side by the strings of her apron and replied, “My decision to stay single. Marry me, Tanya! Please…”


Her heart beat stopped for a moment and accelerated wildly. She searched for signs of seriousness in his boyish face, and found, instead, a perfectly dead pan mask. After a few moments, the corners of his mouth began to twitch and her heart sank with disappointment. Thankfully, she was blessed with the ability to quickly hide her feelings. She smiled at him, playfully ruffling his hair, “Not even if you were the last man remaining on earth.”


She carried the trays back to the dishwasher as tears of regret stung her eyes. They had been best friends for the past fifteen years and she knew that he cared about her. But not in the way she had begun to care about him. When had it started? She wasn’t sure. All she knew now was that she wouldn’t risk breaking the bond of their friendship and losing his constant presence in her life.


He released a long breath and ran his hand through his hair. That was close! The shock he had seen in her face as he had blurted out his feelings discouraged his move. And her statement about not wanting to commit herself to a man like him, did more than convince him that he had done the right thing by pretending to be joking about the whole outburst. She deserved a better man, he thought painfully. Little did they both know that their ability to easily mask their feelings was a curse instead of a blessing.


~ Reema Iqbal | Edited by Afreen Zeb


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