The Science and Art of Love

Almost a decade back, your dreamy eyes had caught my attention and I was captivated by your deep baritone and beautiful mind. You chose equations over bikes, you looked at the skies dreamily with your hands dancing in the tune of some physics problem you were solving in your mind and in that precise moment, with my accelerating heartbeat I knew that I had fallen for you.
“Can poetry and science go together?” I often wondered. While you chose to dissect phones and study their intricate circuitry, I chose to delve deep into the idea of love in countless books and art pieces. While I chose to devour your shy smile whenever I secretly pressed your hands against mine, you chose to count the number of times I smiled during our clandestine meetings.


While I loved the way you taught me the Baugh Wooley algorithm with so much interest, you made me blush by stating some romantic lines from famous authors.


You worship science, I adore art, yet strangely our mad love for each other has merged the boundaries between the two. We are two ordinary people, our love story is anonymous like countless others, yet I feel we have something extraordinary between us. You have enamoured me with the science of love, while you sometimes shyly admit that from me you have learnt the art of love. And that precisely makes our love special in its own way, for eternity and beyond.


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