The Nightmare

No, don’t go please. Don’t leave me alone. Nooooo…” I cried as I saw my sister shut her eyes and breathe her last.

I woke up the next instant. My heart was beating fast, so fast that it felt as if it was going to tear my chest and jump right out. I called my sister aloud.

She came running from the next room. My cries must have woken her up. She saw me sweating and got scared herself.

“Bro, is all okay? Did you have a nightmare again?” she asked me, looking very worried.

I got up and immediately hugged her tightly. The nightmare had shaken me up to the core. I just hugged her and wept.

“What happened bro? What did you see?”

“I saw… I saw you… I saw that you were really sick, and dying…”

“Oh bro, I am right here. I am okay. Please relax. Do you need some water?” she asked me with a sweet smile on her face.

“No sis, I am okay. I was just a little scared, that’s all.”

“Okay. Now please try to sleep. You have office tomorrow,” she told me and switched off the lights of my room as I went back to bed.

I closed my eyes and tried to sleep, hoping that those dreams won’t shock me again.

And then…

And then I remembered something.


My sister had died five years ago.

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“The Nightmare”

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