The Legend of The Undefeated

“There was a legend in all the lands of a warrior great and fierce. A warrior so awesome that people trembled at his mere mention. Nobody knew his name or the land he had come from. The kingdoms were in awe, for there was none who stood his match. The warrior stood undefeated even after facing challengers from every kingdom. The kings were afraid of his power but they knew that if he became loyal towards them, theirs would be the most powerful kingdom in the world. So they fought for this warrior.”


Little Nina’s eyes were wide with wonder. Raghav was pleased that she was soaking his every word with a delightful hunger. He was often late from work, but there were some days when his daughter would still be up and he would tell her a bedtime story as he tucked her in. Today’s story had her on her tiny little toes as she waited for the suspense to be over soon.


“What did they do then? Who was this warrior, papa?”

“The warrior was skilled in several fighting techniques. There was no match against him in sword or axe, spear or hammer. The kings brought forth all the talent that they could scour, but none returned alive. Who was this warrior? Rumors were that he had come from a faraway land, from beyond the desert, that nobody had ever crossed. He was thin and short, but surprisingly, even the largest men were made to kneel before him and his skills.”


“Wow. What was his secret? Tell me!” Nina was growing impatient and Raghav was enjoying the wait as he slowly inched towards the reveal.


“At last, there stood one king who had defeated the rest of the kings for possession of this warrior. He stood before the warrior, in fact, he towered over the short figure. He asked the warrior to serve him or die at his hands. The warrior laughed, and asked the king when all the men in the land failed to defeat him, how would he do so. The king was arrogant at his recent victory as he engaged in a fearsome battle with the warrior.”


“What happened then?” Nina’s eyes were wide with anticipation.


“The king fell to his knees, and the warrior stood undefeated once again. Who are you, great warrior? The king asked the man who had made him taste the bitterness of defeat and death. The warrior took off the mask he had always worn and let the world see for the first time. My name is Nina and I am here to take your kingdom from you. The lands thundered and trembled at her name. A woman had defeated all the greatest warriors that kingdom had ever known. A woman had conquered the kingdom by defeating the strongest king there ever was. A woman was a warrior.”


Raghav looked at his daughter’s eyes that were wide with surprise. Her mouth was a silent circle of shock. He kissed her goodnight as he finished his story.


“And the legend spread farther of a warrior queen who had the strongest army in the world. An army of women that stood undefeated.”


The knock on the door hours later surprised him, but it was only his daughter walking up to his bed.


“Papa, I don’t want to be a princess anymore.”


“Then what do you want to be, sweetheart?”


“I want to be a warrior queen.”


Artwork by Afreen Zeb


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