The Girl In My Office


I see you every single day, and these are not accidental views. It’s like I plan my day to make sure I get to see you again and again all through the day.

I know what time you reach office, and so I make sure I am always there before you, just so that I can see you as you swipe your card at the door at 9 AM or so. Then, you enter and walk right past my cubicle. That’s a good time of the day for me, because I get to see your face from different angles as you walk by.

By 9:05 I finish all my overnight e-mails, because that’s when I rush to thepantry so that I can see you again. You are always in the pantry at that time, having kept your bag at your desk. As you fill water in your bottle, I pretend to dip the tea-bag in a cup of tea. I always end up dipping it a minute too long. That makes the tea bitter, but it gives me an excuse to be in the pantry looking at your sweet face for a minute longer.

As you walk back to your seat, is that a tiny smile I notice at the corner of your lips? For sure you must have noticed me too by now, since my routine is now a month old, ever since you joined this office.

I am always ready with a stack of papers to be photocopied, because I never know when you will suddenly appear at the photocopy machine. I have a clear view of the machine from where I sit. May be it was meant to be this way.

And while we are both standing at the photocopier, you making copies while I steal glances at you, I pray for the paper to run out. That always makes you turn towards me for help. You never seem to know how to replace the papers, or are you playing along too?

And soon it’s time for lunch, and you are always at Subway. I carry home-cooked food, but I guess I need to stop doing so. That would give me about fifteen more minutes to be close to you, to soak in your fragrance that can’t just be a nice deodorant, to listen to your voice as you answer random phone calls all through the day, or is that a lover I don’t know about yet?

And as the day draws to a close, I try to finish my work early. I try my best to be in the same lift that you take when you leave for home. Twenty-two floors with you inside the lift seems like the journey of a lifetime.

And then you drive away in your car while I walk towards the bus stop to catch the bus home. As I walk, the memories of your beautiful presence keep me enchanted.

You are too pretty for a guy like me, but miracles have happened with lovers before, I have heard.

One day I will have enough courage to initiate a conversation. Till then, have a nice time leaving me speechless.

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  • Later, the girl just pinged her bestie about the creepy stalker at work who follows her to pantry, photocopier and while her way out 🙁

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