The Army of the Suicidal

“Hey, mum.
I am extremely sorry for the irregularity of my letters. It’s been real hard to write with all the stuff going on here, you know. I miss you, mum, I really do. I couldn’t be more upset about not writing to you enough.


You’d be happy to know that I have been doing pretty well here. This is kind of like the dream I never knew I had, mum. You know, yesterday I was lauded by everyone because of my performance in the field work.


The lieutenant says that I have scope for a promotion, and you know what mum, I couldn’t be more excited. I’ll have people running behind me who will call me ‘Sir’. You can tell the family how illogical their doubts were. I am having the time of my life here.


The army needs more people like me, mum. They say we’re all going to be of utmost importance to the country and even the world outside.


I love the way they make me feel, mum.”


She held the letter tight to her bosom. Her little son had finally achieved his dreams. She couldn’t fathom how proud she was in her own head. Her heart probably inflated inside her, for she had never been as happy since her husband died.




Her son stood straight among other men, the gun heavy in his arms.


The commander looked at the boys and sneered.


“Remember, you live to kill,” said he. “Heaven awaits men like you.”


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