Taking Her Away

I reached the gigantic gate that opened to the surreal world of mystifying minds. It was interesting to contemplate motionless, excited and agitated people until my eyes rested on the one whom I was destined to put a noose on.


She was sitting under the scorching sun, looking at something with keen interest. She was in her mid twenties; young, but unhealthy. The loose white shirt and pajama that she wore helped much in adding volume to her skinny frame. When she saw my shadow growing in size she tapped on the space near her, asking me to sit. I sat beside her, intending to interfere and trying to figure out her face veiled by wisps of hopeless frizzy hair.


I watched her quietly; craning my neck forth. Soon, I realised that it was a line of ants which was fascinating her. But why would someone kill their time, melting under the heat just to watch ants? I wanted to ask her the same, but all that came out after bouncing and spinning through my tonsils was a grunt. And it was sudden when she faced me the first. I could see an unfathomable spark in those eyes; my eyebrows refused to lower. Her straight face and mighty stare were soon replaced by a grin. Was she mocking seeing my blemished attire and overgrown beard?


“Do you see them? They have got a happy and peaceful life,” she said, pointing at the ants.


I glanced towards the direction she pointed, with less interest. Though I behaved like an obedient listener, my mind kept on colliding with random question marks. Was she expecting me?


The next moment was of an impact. She crushed an ant under her fingers and signalled me to watch them. I saw them running around rampantly. A group of them hiked off to somewhere while a few was trying to drag the dead. Some ran clueless and frequently met with one another as if talking about the death. I furtively squinted at her. She was grinning and nodding weirdly. As I resumed watching, I found them to be no longer violent and it was a perfect line again.


“My cheeks hurt,” she said, laughing like a drain.


“Are you nuts?” I asked.


“Didn’t you see them? Ah…I can’t stop laughing. Who cried for that unlucky soul?” she said, clapping her hands.

“Rebecca, come with me. We are running out of time,” I said, standing up.


“Are we?” she inhaled deeply, flushing oxygen inside her nerves and grabbed my hand.


As we walked away, her body lay on the ground. I turned back and saw things which my senses could hardly appreciate. Women dressed exactly like Rebecca were running violently. Few were pointing at me, with their mouth parted,yelling a silent scream. Were they coming towards us or the body? I didn’t know. Men in black came chasing them, holding shackles and chains. Amidst the scenario, a few nurses were trying to lift her body.


“They say that we are mad. We never claimed to be wise,” Rebecca whispered in my ears.


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