~ The Corridor ~

“You see that man? He is Professor Garg, the man who raped his student,” whispered a young student to her friend.

“Oh, my god! What is this monster doing back in college?”

Prof. Garg seemed to have overheard the conversation because he turned his head around and stared at the girls for half a second. The girls froze, and stood silently as the professor continued his walk across the college lawns towards the dean’s office.


The Anonymous Writer Short Story 3


~ The Dean’s Office ~

“Prof. Garg, I am aware of the circumstances you are going through, but I am under tremendous pressure to remove you from service. I keep getting phone calls from worried parents every day. They do not wish to keep their kids in a college which employs a rape accused. I am sorry,” the dean told the professor.

Prof. Garg got up from the seat and slowly walked out of the dean’s office.


~ The Canteen ~

“Arey yaar, this is that same professor who raped your classmate. What was her name?”

“Neha Lamba. Pretty girl she was too. Old man has too much libido it seems. I wonder how much he paid the cops to hush up his case.”


The Anonymous Writer Short Story 1


~ The Truth – One Year Ago ~

“Neha! What are you doing in my office? What are those papers in your hand?” shouted Prof. Garg at the young girl he had caught red-handed.

“Umm, nothing sir. We just… just came to…” Neha tried to explain but could not cook up a good story.
Prof. Garg snatched away the papers from Neha’s hand. It was the question paper for the exam due to be held the following day.

“Sorry sir, I was not trying to do anything wrong,” Neha started crying.

“Beta, you were trying to steal the question paper. That is cheating. I will need to lodge a complaint against you,” the professor replied with regret.

“Help! Save me, somebody, this man is trying to rape me. Help!” Neha shouted at the top of her voice. Everybody rushed to Prof. Garg’s office to find Neha on the floor with her clothes dishevelled, and the professor standing near the exit with a confused look on his face.


~ The Media ~

“Prof. Garg, you have been accused of molesting your own student. Aapko kaisa lag raha hai?”

“How could you do this heinous act professor? The nation wants to know”

“Teacher bana Darinda, 17 saal ki ladki se balatkaar (teacher becomes a monster, rapes a seventeen-year-old).”


The Anonymous Writer Short Story 4


~ The Trial ~

“The court hereby acquits Mr Garg of all charges levelled against him for lack of evidence. The court is dismissed,” the judge ordered.


The Anonymous Writer Short Story 1


~ The End ~

“Prof. Garg, the man recently acquitted in the famous college rape case, has been found dead at his residence this morning. A case of suicide has been registered by the police. Prof. Garg was under severe depression for the past few weeks”.


The Anonymous Writer Short Story 2


~ Abhijit

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