Stand up

Sitting on the last bench, he had just cracked a brand new joke that made the kids around him laugh, when his class teacher, noticing the noise, decided to act.


Realising that the teacher was walking towards him, he turned pale.


“Stand up!” she ordered sternly.


“S… sorry ma’am,” he stammered.


“Will you ever crack jokes in class again?” she glowered.


“N… no ma’am. Promise,” he replied, scared.


Having destroyed his little bout of joy, the teacher went back to the blackboard.


But the boy kept that promise.


No, he didn’t stop cracking jokes. He did crack jokes, great ones, but not in class.


His classmates were too small an audience, after all.


He cracked his jokes on stage, years later, as a stand-up comic.


And an entire nation cheered him on.


“Stand up!” the teacher had once ordered him, sternly.

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