Some Freedom, This

She had decided to wear just a bright yellow salwar-kameez that day. Tops and jeans were out of question for her, because the assholes regularly harassed her, and everyone told her it was all because of the way she dressed – clothes that hugged her body tightly and accentuated her womanhood. Nope, not appropriate for a girl, they all reckoned.

So the day she got groped, she had decided to wear just a bright yellow salwar-kameez.

Nope, her clothes were too bright and flashy, they decided. Why couldn’t she just wear black or grey? The elder nodded their heads.

Someone came rushing to the meeting. He had some news for the group.

What? A girl got raped in a nearby locality? Wearing a hijaab was she? Must have been those stylish ones that don’t cover the wrists properly.

They clicked their tongues and shook their heads. They decided that women were being given too much freedom, and that this freedom was responsible for all the things that were happening to them.

Meanwhile, the rest of the country celebrated Independence Day, because freedom was worth celebrating.

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