As the drops descended, slowly dousing the parched earth, I was confounded by my heart’s ascending elation. Why, I had never thought the pours could excite me anymore! The pretty little droplets falling down from the billows in the space could still provide me with tranquility. That was utterly unexpected.


I couldn’t help laughing at the silly creature I had turned into since the day you broke my heart. I had been one of those lifeless living beings that imagine joy to be a far off destination.


I had always been a lover of the storms, an admirer of the showers. And this love, was never in need of any justification. But I had been imprudent enough to state your presence in my life as the reason behind my love for the rains.


I had been a dunce to assume that our love was what made the rains so special to me.


I had made myself believe that the showers were beautiful only because they could make our love bloom, only because we had so many memories attached to them. So the day you ditched me, was the day I thought I wouldn’t ever feel blissful at the sight of showers again.

But I had certainly been mistaken. When I woke up this morning to the patter outside, I was amazed at the happiness dwelling up inside me. I pulled the curtains aside and stared out with a pair of incredulous eyes.


I could visualise the five year old version of myself standing in front of me, calling me out to enjoy being drenched again.


She didn’t need you to accompany her into the magic. And neither did I. With every drop that escaped the sky and hit my body, I realized that it wasn’t necessary to slip my hands through yours in order to be able to perform a happy dance in the rain.

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