Seeking Answers

Even time did not dare to move! Her soul was standing there in the hope of an answer. A reply for whatever happened with her. Lord Vishnu was not resting under Sheshnaag today. He was uncomfortable to make eye contact with the girl who stood there in deep desire of justice.


“What will you do with them when Yamraaj will get them here?” Nirbhaya asked, with no signs of emotions on her face. “Will you roast them in fire for 1000 years or will put them in boiling oil? Will you tear their soul into a million parts or will you give them pain for all their coming lives? Will that be enough as a punishment for the murder of my respect?”


Deep Silence!


“You rescued Draupadi when she was about to meet the same fate. Why was I left alone to face all this? Only because, unlike her, I am not the daughter of fire? Maybe I did not originate from fire but still my dreams and desires were as brilliant as a flame, with which I wanted to take my country, my society, my family and myself towards new pinnacles.”


After a long silence, Jagannath finally forced a few words out of his feeble mouth, “Well I can understand that whatever happened was really very tragic but it’s my duty to create good and bad, positive and negative…”


“And you mean that I and all those people who did this to me are equal in your eyes as we both are your creation?” She interrupted. “Take a look my lord at the leaders who have organized a little party because my case is now solved and no media person will ever enquire about me again. Take a look at the boys who join candle march just to scan the bodies of the innocent girls and are trying to pretend as if they are the people who are the most concerned about me. The policemen who are busy in their dog fights to take the credit of solving my case and the people, who post day and night for women empowerment, don’t even try to speak when they see someone doing wrong with a girl. Are all these people not guilty in your court because they are all your creation?”


“Although I have created both wrong and right but still I always show the correct path whenever a person faces a dilemma. I always show the path of dharma, but the path they choose depends on them. Dharma brings them near me and Adharma leads them to ultimate misery.”


“I don’t know what is wrong and what is right. I am a common girl’s soul, who is standing here for justice. Today the people who are shouting that what happened with me was wrong, will soon forget me.”


“I am afraid, that’s not the case Nirbhaya. You sacrificed your life doing my job. You will always remain alive in those young hearts who are trying to bring a change in this world. They will remember you as the girl who lost her life fighting, not asking for mercy against evil. Your sacrifice will motivate the youth to become modern heroes to take a firm stand against the people who even think about doing such inhumane things with women. They will make the world realize to not to sit and wait for me to take avatars, but learn to fight with the circumstances, as I can only show the way and rest all is in their hand.”


Nirbhaya now was a bit more satisfied.


“But, why me?”


“Because it was Shikhandani who sacrificed her womanhood to defeat Bhishma in the Kurukshetra war. Because only a woman has the potential to sacrifice herself for the benefit of mankind.”


And then the time moved on with tears in eyes and smile on face.


~ Mohit Awasthi


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