She got pregnant for the first time.


It was very painful for both of them; for her the physical pain was unbearable and for him, seeing her cry was a torture.


She would sometimes wake up in the middle of the night from the muscle cramps. He tried to make her go back to sleep again by massaging her back and singing stupid songs for her.


She felt nauseated all the time, she didn’t feel like eating anything. He would experiment with recipes to make her eat even a bite.

They went for a walk every day after he came back from his office so that she felt refreshed.


He dealt with her emotional breakdowns every night by telling her nice cute things about how their baby would turn out to be; tiny fingers, big eyes like hers, pink lips and how he/she will call their names for the first time. He told her stories about how their child’s first day at school would be. Hearing all this instantly cheered her up.


The day finally came when her water broke. He rushed her to the hospital hurriedly. Seeing her scream in pain was horrifying for him.


After she gave birth to a beautiful baby, he said to her,


“I wish I could be a Seahorse so that I could bear all your pain.”


“You did, without a womb,” she said adoringly and smiled at him.


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