Roses and Bruises

The room smelled of rose petals that beautifully decorated it. She had always loved roses. She fiddled with her bangles, as she sat there waiting for him.

Being an arranged marriage, they did not know each other a lot, but their long conversations had made them good friends. This friendship took away her fear of the consequences of an arranged marriage- not being able to adjust, or understand each other.

Although they had met only four or five times and that too with family members around, they talked on the phone. It was through these conversations she realized that he was an understanding person and they had both decided to know each other and gradually take their friendship to the next level. He was not the kind of person who would force her for anything. It was because of these reasons that she was not much nervous.

The reverie of her thoughts was interrupted as he came to the room. She smiled as he closed the door and sat beside her.



She shifted uncomfortably as he tried touching her hand. He did not like it. He held her hand tightly even as she tried to resist.

“What are you doing?”

“Oh c’mon, it’s our first night babe.”

“I need some time. Not today, please,” her voice sounded scared now.

There wasn’t any reply. He forced his lips on to hers. Her futile attempts to move away were throttled as he twisted her hand behind her back forcefully. Tears ran down her eyes.

She tried to sneak away quickly as he was undressing himself but just as she got down from the bed, a slap across her cheeks threw her back on to the bed. A couple of slaps followed as she still tried to resist.

“We are married now. You should know how to behave.”

Tears filled her eyes while he forced himself upon her. She clutched the sheets tightly. Any further attempts to push him away were met with slaps and sharp pinches across her body.

The pain and humiliation seemed to have no end.

* * *

She looked around carefully. He was fast asleep. She wanted to go back home before he woke up. The smell of roses which filled the air now suffocated her. Dressing herself, she quietly left the room.

She had made her choice- not to suffer in silence. Bruised and hurt, she wanted justice. But alas! Marital rape was not a crime- at least not for the lawmakers.


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