Remember them, Remember us

Spend an eternity in my arms, love. Then presumptively, another eternity in front of my eyes. No, I don’t want you to sit idle. Preserve whilst you linger, brush your red hair carelessly, talk to me and pretend that I am fascinated by your words. Undress like the goddess you are, again and again and with each layer you peel off; be done with the shame too. Why don’t we misbehave like psychopaths, tonight? Shed your skin too, for it is too beautiful and holds you back. I would have you with nary a robe on your body and no skin on your soul. Be naked, my love. Be pure.


Tonight, I will devour you, like an untamed animal; a starved yet tender animal. And this will be the last time you will feel me breathing so close to your neck and crawling into your skin, wearing it as if it were my own.


I will make love to you like the beast did to the beauty. The grand old men are tired of the old fables. Let me write a brand new fable, one that shall always remain engraved on the pale white canvas that is your body. But before we get to creating history, I want you to make me wait and lust for the aforementioned eternity. So, go on love, brush your hair; do it carelessly. The mascara on your eyes is ruined from all the love I have bestowed upon you. Sweeten it up, before tonight happens. I would have it perfect as the markings on the side of a country road and then I would ruin it, again.


No, I can’t stay and neither can you. But yes, like two beautiful pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, we stand in need for each other to live. You are my drug and I, so savagely, yours. So let me overdose on you, one last time, all night. There’s plenty of time to sleep when we die, my love. Let’s just stay awake until we grow old, behind these walls.


But don’t you worry love; there will be men; many men; better men. I wonder if you’ll ever sleep with one again. You are addicted but who am I to judge? I am addicted too.


Oh love, your lipstick is a mess. Paint it all red, like blood or probably the red wine you so fondly gulp down. Observe, there is neither a window nor a crevice in this room but the walls that stand so proud while I make love to you. There are a thousands of you, love and only one of me.


Every time you stretch and dig your fingers into my back whilst you reach for my neck to whisper in my ears and beg me to stop, I hear the walls murmur. They stand the only ones, after me, who loved you and lost you too. They will always whisper your stories and about how I savoured every inch of you. Yes, my love, you are immortal as long as these walls care to stand. They linger only to gaze at you.


You truly are beautiful, my love!


Stop worrying about the mascara, for it is ruined now. Do not be bothered about the red on your lips; I ate it. I just need you to keep singing the joyous hymns and scream to reach for a world beyond these walls as I untwine the knots on your back, one by one. Look into my eyes, beautiful and I will find you the sun. Would you not love me, with a crown upon your head which kisses the feet of the gods?


Oh, did I hurt you now, love? Apologies, my lady. I am just a slave of my desires and I just wanted to slowly peel your skin from your bones. Forgive me, for I never wished to leave the scars on your flawless body. I guess you’re not perfect anymore. Not as much as you were a moment ago.


Begin, you said, love and I did. It is hard to make a song of the voices that followed, but they were music to my ears and elixir to my soul. I have begun, and I shall not stop until I split your wedges and engrave my name inside your eyes. I shall do whatever it takes and if I can’t, I will die trying.


Remember, we are intense. We are definite. We may die, but we’ll be alive somewhere, making love like rabbits between these mighty, worthless walls. How much intense, you ask? Look inside me, love. Look into my eyes and there you shall find peace.


Oh love, you just peaked. Oh love, you radiate elegance. Oh love, the walls are smiling. I guess, I have to love you again for them. Look at the walls. This is how they will remember us, as animals who starved and died for love. Look how they embrace us. This is how you shall remember them, smiling at the two lovers who thought they were alone.


Remember them, my love and they will remember us.

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