“I have to go, Inayat. I can’t back off when they need me the most. I promised that I’ll be there with them through thick and thin, and promises aren’t meant to be broken,” Aman tries persuading.


“I know! All I’m asking for is just a day so that we can celebrate our anniversary together,” she pleads with tears floating in her eyes.


“Next year, we will. I promise!” he assures her with a starry smile, gently kissing her forehead.


~ A year later ~


It’s their anniversary. A table for two has been booked.


One could easily see the excitement in her eyes. While getting ready for the special day, she makes sure to dress up in her best look. Her sole purpose being not to let Aman take his eyes off her. She clads herself in a red saree and also wears the heart-shaped pendant that Aman had gifted her as a token of love. To complement her look, she colours her lips, lines her eyes, applies blush on the apples of her cheeks, and before stepping out of the room, scrutinises her look in the mirror.


“Perfect!” she exclaims and heads to inform her mother about the plan.


On seeking her permission, she receives neither a yes nor a no in answer, but a slap across her cheek.


“What nonsense? Go change. You aren’t going anywhere!” her mother orders in a state of shock.


“Mom, he’s waiting for me out there! I have to…” she musters up the courage to put her point across, fearing another hit.


“Tune your senses, Inayat! He’s dead! HE IS DEAD! War has rendered you a widow! How many times do you want me to repeat this same sentence?” her mother shakes her by her shoulders in an attempt to bring her out of her world of utopia.


Inayat frees herself from her mother’s grip, giving her a hateful look.


“You know nothing, Mom! He had promised to celebrate the anniversary together, and promises aren’t meant to be broken.” She revolts, heading towards the car keys.

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