Pretty Eyes

My roommate Maya was usually depressed and people had warned me about living with her. However, I always believed I had this chameleon gene that allowed me to adjust to any kind of surrounding. Hostel is full of stories and I was never a believer. She was queer and talked very little but I usually made up for it. I could be a talker if it were absolutely necessary. “Didi you have such pretty eyes”, she would say. I must say sometimes I was a little spooked when I caught her staring at me from her corner of the room.


Things were just fine, until that morning. I opened my sleepy eyes but something was different. I realized I couldn’t move. I tried my best but I just couldn’t. Maya sat right next to me and stared at my face. She looked like she was in a trance.


I was scared out of my wits! I wanted to spring out of my bed but I just couldn’t! What the hell was happening? She began to chant gibberish and blew over my body like casting some voodoo spell. I tried to turn my neck in her direction but I couldn’t do that either! I was sweating and shivering but I had absolutely no support from my body. Something wanted to escape my body and stop her from chanting but I was trapped!

“You have such pretty eyes”, she said with a sinister smile on her face and stopped chanting. I tried to push real hard but like all other attempts it was no good. I was never a believer but black magic? Was this happening for real? I was dreaming for sure! My mind was conflicted.


She got up from the bedside, “Pretty eyes”, she said and put her fingers into my eyes and gouged them out! I wanted to let out a scream that was tearing my interiors but nothing would happen physically. “Not so pretty now, are they?”, she smiled. I finally woke up with a start and sprang out of my bed screaming.


“Didi are you alright?”, she asked, not particularly alarmed by my behavior. “You were shivering in your sleep.”


After taking few minutes to recover, I realized it was only a dream. I probably just had the worst sleep paralysis ever! I had read a about this on the internet. Sleep paralysis is a state of sleep where one experiences a realistic prolonged nightmare and the body is unable to move.


“Let me go down to the water cooler and get you some water”, said Maya and left the room. I could put my money on the fact that she looked real evil when she said that to me and left. Is there a slight possibility something was really up with Maya or was I just imagining things because of the shock? My belief system was almost as shaken as I was. I had never been so scared in my life!


It was time for me to be rational again. I held my head between both my palms and sat down near the dressing mirror next to my bed. Tears ran down my cheeks as I tried to pacify myself. I tried to put myself back together, but one glance at the mirror took all rationality down and petrified me beyond repair.


What did I see you ask? What was it that made me leave hostel that very night? What did I see that makes me sleep with the lights on every night? What did I see that made me take those meds and therapy sessions? You don’t want to know…


I wiped my tears and looked at my hand and then shot a glance at the mirror horrified. I looked down at my hands again and scooted right out of my room, screaming till my tonsils burst!


My eyes bled.


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