Please Come Back

I can hear someone crying. Muffled sobs, trying to be subtle but failing painfully so. And I follow the sound, only to hear it slowly invade the vicinity, sending various echoes in my head.
I open the window and am hit by a sudden rush of the blowing wind along with the droplets of silver rain. It is not the sound of a person’s cry, but the tears falling as the clouds wail.

Mysteriously it soothes me. The soft thuds of the aqua plectrums, an unintentional lullaby to my ever awake soul, the sweet earthy smell taking me back to the old times, the evading bolts of light clearly portraying your absence, and the occasional roars of thunder rekindling the fire in my heart.

It often astounds me, how you are still able to control my life even after it snatched you away from me. It’s amazing how you artfully make sure I’m known of your loss in everything I do. It’s terrifying how you’re always there, yet not there, everywhere. You’re being a constant reminder of my past, the vacant shadow of my present, and the never ending quest of the future.

Please come back. Come back to stay. This hide and seek game you’re playing with me is tiring me out.
Rain doesn’t fall because it’s in bad terms with the heavens, but to nurture the earth. Come back, be my rain, clean my soul and refresh my heart.

So what if you refuse to give in, I’m going to get you back anyway, be prepared, my dear lost confidence.



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