Have you ever looked closely at your palms? The fine lines etched across them, touching,crossing, cutting each other? It is quite a mystery to read them, to be able to decipher your future in the infinitesimal carvings bubbling to prophesize your life, is it not?


It is said that if your thumb is unable to bend, you are one stubborn mess. This tenacity is also said to be prevalent if there is a gap between your head line and your heart line.


Also, if there are too many lines on your palm, whether vague or discernible, it is said that you think too much, worry too much, are too curious for your own good. And, contrary to belief, a long life line doesn’t make a person live long, instead, an absolutely clean line with no forks in between and no crosses and cuts is supposed to indicate your longevity.


A very popular theory says that if we join our hands and if complete crescent-moon forms between our palms, our would-be spouse is very good-looking. And if you ever wonder how many children you’ll have, just have a glance at the number of tiny lines next to the little finger; a long line will be a boy and shorter ones are girls.


No, I am not a palm-reader nor do I believe in these theories, but you know the human mind, right? It wants to satiate its curiosity in every way, in all aspects. Amusingly, my palm says that I am a very curious person. My palm also says that I have a very prominent health line, which means that at some point of my life I might have issues with my health.


Now that makes me curious. What will I suffer from? Will it be some chronic illness or the mild headaches which have always been a part of my life? Will I survive or will I not? Has it got anything to do with my propensity towards the other world? The unknown realm of mysteries which may or may not exist?


This got me thinking more about the wild dreams I have about this other parallel universe. My mind wanders off to this particular dream I had about a year ago.




It was a beautiful white lizard on the ceiling, with magnificent black eyes, blacker than darkness and a large body and a mane of black hair falling wildly at its sides.


And it was drawing closer to me bit by bit. As I lay on the bed waiting for it to come eye to eye with me, I noticed the peculiarities of this creature. It wasn’t after all, a lizard. Just a woman, white as ivory, with strikingly beautiful sharp features and contrasting dark hair, inching closer to me … her red lips, redder than blood, curled into a slight smile … her teeth glinting like diamonds, sharp and beautiful, visible through the redness of the lips.

She was a woman, yes! A woman who crawled across the ceiling with her hands and legs twisted to resemble a lizard; a woman who stared at me continuously with every emotion wiped off her face except for the smile on her lips.


Her eyes grew murkier with every step she took and just as she reached parallel to my eye-level, she froze.


She stopped moving and only stared, at me. And being the curious person I am, I couldn’t take off my eyes from her either. Despite the chill in my body that rose from the stomach and spread throughout and the thunderous beating of my heart, I couldn’t stop staring back.


In a swift movement her hand dropped, extended itself and grabbed my throat and I sat back up on my bed drenched in sweat. It took me a long time to get my breathing to normal.


Just a dream!




Thinking about the dream still gives me the scares and I wonder if this is the illness which will take me to my deathbed? This weird obsession with the supernatural? I guess … I mean, it is quite possible.


But then, can I be sure? After all, I do think too much, as my palms say.


By Tanu Bali

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