Oh Simple Things…

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When people asked me what I was passionate about, I didn’t say writing, or science, or reading, or cooking, or indulging in one of those YOLO activities. I like all those things but I always knew my real passion was to relax. In fact, the very goal of my life would be to relax as much as possible while making enough money to sustain myself, and regularly save a little too. I know making money and relaxing are two different things but that’s the reason why I said ‘as much as possible’. Some people tend to laugh when I say that but that’s a good goal because it is almost impossible to stay relaxed in the present times.

Sometimes I feel like I need to refresh myself and so I look for big things to do. A big gathering, a travel plan, a fancy dinner, or just something dramatic. The big things however, drain the energy out of me and require more time than I can afford to spend exhausting myself. So when things are not that great in life, the simple pleasures never fail me. Things like, a very hot bath on a cold day, going for a late night drive or late night ice-cream, marine drive or any sea face, looking down at the city from an aeroplane window, having a friend who understands things, sad/emotional music, slightly crisp french fries, subtle flirting through texts (life depends on it), sometimes when the sun and the moon are in the sky at the same time, a fortunate long and refreshing sleep, going for a short walk, dark chocolate, and oh so many things, they save me. The mere knowledge that this year there was a historic pink-flower bloom in the Atacama desert after plenty of rainfall, makes me happy because ‘rain in the desert’ is one of those typical poetic things that people say can never happen! Imagine a desert flooded with pink flowers. Imagine having all of these small things happen in one day, or maybe two. They shouldn’t even be called small things, they are given less credit than they deserve. They drive us through the day.

I am usually cheering the underdogs in life, so cheering these extremely modest pleasures (pleasures that don’t boast about their awesomeness) comes naturally. I think its amazing that something as simple as listening to John Lenon sing, ‘Hey Jude, don’t make it bad, take a sad song and make it better’ actually makes you want to make things better, isn’t it?



Image Courtesy: www.pixabay.com

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